June 19, 2017

Next Level Assessment

If you’ve been in business a couple of years, and now you want to make your company’s next step a big one, then this step is for you. We’ll help you to analyze the health of your background operational systems in regards to Accounting, Human Resources, and Online Presence. We can setup and streamline your finances, make sure personnel policies and procedures are in place and up-to-date, arrange a consultation with a business attorney to assess your business’ Contracts and Agreements with your vendors, customers, employees and independent contractors, and optimize your business presence on the internet. This may include better integrating and utilizing Quickbooks, having someone else manage the day-to-day bookkeeping, making sure that your team has real rules to follow, not just what’s written on the white board, establishing or re-writing contracts and agreements, and overhauling your company’s website and online presence. Our team can handle all of this to help get you to the Next Level.

In order to provide the framework upon which to grow a stronger business base, the Next Level Assessment provides:

  • Human Resources Assessment:
    • Review employment policies and other documents for compliance
    • Long-term staffing strategies
    • Develop an approach to HR customized to your business
    • Financial Assessment:
      • Quickbooks setup, integration and/or optimization
      • Budget and cash flow management set up
      • Review of payroll setup and taxes
      • Vendor review, and setup 1099 form procedures
      • Financial Statement review including chart of accounts, balance sheet, profit & loss statement, tax return tie-out review
  • Risk Management assessment, including review of current business insurance provider policies and the implementation of said policies
  • Legal Consultation and assessment of:
    • Corporate structure and corporate documentation (Operating Agreements, Shareholder Agreements, Stock Ledgers)
    • Business agreements and contracts (Vendor and Customer Agreements, Commercial Lease Agreement)
    • Employment Agreements
  • Online Presence Assessment, Strategy and Plan of Action
    • Social Media assessment and training
    • Website analysis with report for improvements
    • Local Search Optimization Google+/Mapping, Yelp and other
    • Email Marketing Plan

Yes! The Next Level Assessment Package is perfect for my company- let’s do this!