August 18, 2015

The Enhanced Service

With our Enhanced Service, you will see the same coverage as our Startup Service, with a little extra. We can host your financial records for you, and provide additional on-going oversight of your financial situation. With continued support from our Human Resources staff, your business will maintain healthy personnel procedures and processes, reducing your risk, and increasing your efficiency.

For broader on-going support of your business, The Enhance Service provides:

  • Human Resources Services:
    • Enhanced package of services (broader forms, employee handbook, review benefit plans)
    • Initial set up and input on compensation plans, job descriptions, performance reviews
  • Financial Services
    • Hosting of your company’s Quickbooks file
    • Cash flow monitoring
    • File payroll taxes, with corrected returns where needed
    • Vendor review and 1099 form preparation and filing
    • Assistance in asset management and depreciation schedules set-up
    • Reconcile bank statements
    • Prepare and file DOR returns
    • Prepare quarterly financial reports
    • Quarterly financial meetings

Yes! The Enhanced Service is perfect for my company- let’s do this!